Battle for the beehive



The true North Vs. South game in Utah. We are out to answer the question of, Who is the best scenario paintballers in Utah? We ask you to declare your side. If you reside in the North example: Bountiful, Ogden, Logan we'd like to see you play for the North. If you live in Salt Lake there is some flexibility and you may choose either side. Players registered in salt lake may be asked to balance the teams and join the other side. We encourage you to stick with your side for future rivalries.

Battle for the Beehive. 

Gameplay is split into 3 - 90 min sessions and a 1 hour (Slap Stick Style) final battle. This allows for fast paced bursts of gameplay and does not allow for one team to heavily overwhelm the game. With a challenging terrain these sessions will decrease fatigue and allow for plenty of hydration.




Domination (1800 pts Available){

5 Large Flagpole with each color flag on pulley

5 Flag point throughout the map are available.

At each 15 min mark (or 10 min mark for hour session) the top of the flag poles are tallied up.

Each raised flag will count for 50 pts Center Flag is worth 100 pts per count.. 4 of the 5 flag stations become an optional respawn point if captured.


Gold Spike (500 points awarded)

Gold Railroad Spike

Find and plant the spike at the designated drop off point (Rail Road), If shot you must drop the spike where it lands. There is no hiding the spike or carrying it in a bag. Pockets are fine.Available once per session.

Honey Plate Recovery (250pts Available){

Honey plate: Gold painted 2x4.

50+ Honey plates have been laid out in random places throughout the map. To recover simply pick up and transport to your drop zone. Gold plates can be carried with more than one at a time but if shot- you must drop the plates where you stand. Honey plates can be stolen from Drop zones. Each plate is worth 5 pts and is tallied at the end of the 90 min session. Honey plates must be on Drop Zone pallet for extraction.

Sharp Shooter (250pts Available){

White plates: Dinner Style Plates on a post

5 white plates are scattered on the opponents side of the field. They are about a dinner plate in size and are numbered. If not completely white at the end of the game. +50 points per plate is awarded to the attacking team. Players can wipe the plates but not move their location.

Base Bombing (1000 points awarded){

Horn on a post.

One Horn is placed near the teams main base but away from the respawn point for fairness. If you honk the horn without paint on you successfully 1000 points are awarded to your team. Available once per session.


Day 1
12:00 PM Guest Check in 

2:00 PM Field walk open
5:00 PM Chrono Opens
6:00 PM Welcome/Safety 
6:30 PM Game ON
8:00 PM End Game
8:15 PM Optional Dinner Meal
Mission Brief From Generals 
11:00 PM Lights out/Quite hours 

Day 2 
7:00 AM Sales counter open - Chrono Opens
7:30 AM Field Walk Open
7:30 AM Optional Breakfast Served 
9:00 AM Good Morning - Mission Brief - Safety
9:30 AM HQ's Built and not altered 
10:00 AM Game on for session 1
11:30 AM Session 1 Ends 
12:00 PM Optional Lunch Served
1:00 PM Session 2 Begins 
2:30 PM Session 2 Ends
3:00 PM Final Battle Begins 
4:00 PM Final Battle Ends
4:30 PM Closing Ceremonies Begin - Awards
4:45 PM Raffle

* Option to stay overnight checkout no later than 11 AM following day.

Pictures to be added-

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