Safety is always #1 and you should always abide by the rules at all times for your safety and others. Here are the key bullet points you should know when attending an event.

  • Goggles must remain on and securely fastened to your face during gameplay and entering the field.. This includes the chrono station.

  • Barrel Bags must be on and covering the barrel whenever masks are off. You must have a barrel blocker device on at all times in the staging area It is not Deadwood Paintball's responsibility to provide a barrel blocker. If you do not have one the gun must be left on the field or disconnected from an air source.

  • Chrono at 285 FPS - no exceptions.

  • Uncapped Semi Firing modes

  • No blind fire you must be looking at what you are shooting- No shooting  straight up in the air.

  •  A raised gun signals  you're out - if you call yourself out and realize you are not hit/marked you are still out.

  • Do not overshoot an eliminated player. 

Rules and Regulations

These rules must be followed at all times if not you are subject to being kicked out without refund.

  • ABSOLUTELY NO FIRES - GRILL - OPEN FLAMES OF ANY SORT.  We cannot stress this enough as there as been multiple fires in the area. You will be asked to leave without warning if this is not followed.

  • Smoking is allowed on site but only in permitted areas. No cigarette butts left on the ground or still lit. You will be asked to leave with no exceptions if you are caught smoking or discarding waste in unwanted areas.


  • No underage drinking. We reserve the rights to ask a guest for an ID at anytime.

  • No destruction of property on the field or surrounding facility.

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